OPG Energy Pvt. Ltd
19.4 MW Gas Plant at Mayavaram, Tamilnadu.

This Natural gas based plant, commissioned in 2004, is near mayavaram in Tamilnadu. Gas is supplied from the adjacent Cauvery Basin fields, within a 40 Kilometer radius, under a long-term supply agreement with Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL). A waste heat recovery unit generating 1.4 MW of power was commissioned in 2007 and is an integral port of the unit.

The plant has been supplying the uninterrupted power needs of small industrial customers, which include a major automotive foundry, a five star hotel, steel and textile and paperboard manufacturers. The plant has been operating at a plant load factor of 90 to 95% of capacity and a part of output of this plant is being sold in short term markets at attractive rates.

OPGE won an award from Wartsila for the Best Maintained Power Plant in 2007 and was awarded among top 3 in 2009.

OPG Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd
10MW Waste Heat Plant, Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu

This 10 Mw plant is located at Gummidipoondi about 55 Kilometers to the north of Chennai city in Tamilnadu and is a waste heat recovery plant, using waste heat from the contiguous sponge iron facility of an associate, Kanishk Steel Industries Ltd. The facility was commissioned The plant uses waste heat and dolchar, a process residue in sponge iron production with residual calorific value to produce power and generate megabucks and carbon credits. The plant shows the innovative prowess and far sightedness of the group to generate profits and business growth.

OM Power Generation Pvt Ltd

The company is on the look out for suitable land to put up a gas based power plant of 100 MW capacities each in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and in Maharashtra. With old relations with GAIL and other state agencies in the power field the group does not foresee any major hurdles in its path to put up 2*100 MW gas Turbines.